Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jim Hanks

NAME: Jim Hanks

SIBLING: Tom Hanks

CAREER: Actor (Buford's Beach Bunnies) / Stunt double (Forrest Gump) / Voice actor (Conductor in The Polar Express video game, Woody in Toy Story TV series and video games).

QUOTE: "I was approached about doing a television remake of Splash and some studios wanted to do a series inspired by Big. I said no."

"At this point, a job's a job."

Chris Jagger

NAME: Chris Jagger

SIBLING: Mick Jagger

CAREER: Singer (You Know The Name But Not The Face / Atcha / From Lhasa To Lewisham) / Actor (The Stud, The Bitch, Shoestring) / Painter & decorator / Taxi driver

QUOTES: "When I was 16 to 18 years old, it was obviously quite a big thing, but once I reached 40, I didn't care anymore. The one thing in my favour is that I will always be younger than him."

"The Rolling Stones are a brand and they are stuck with it. I have always had more freedom and I could do whatever I liked."

"I do find it annoying that the superstar groups have taken so much of the pie while so many other people cannot even make a living. It all depends on the throw of the dice."

Joey Travolta

NAME: Joey Travolta

SIBLING: John Travolta

CAREER: Actor (Dumb Luck In Vegas, Hollywood Vice Squad, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, Beach Babes From Beyond - with Don Swayze, Joe Estevez and Jackie Stallone) / Director (Hard Vice) / Singer

QUOTES: "I have my own thing going, I've been waiting, I've just been laying back, I've been writing my music, I feel like Muhammad Ali, I've been doing this and doing that, and now I'm ready."

'Dreams just don't come true / Just the way I planned them / Looking back in time / I still don't understand' - from 'I Don't Want To Go' (Casablanca Records)

Christopher Ciccone

NAME: Chris Ciccone

SIBLING: Madonna

CAREER: Artist / Stylist / Interior Designer / Dancer / Director (Madonna: The Girlie Tour) / Author (Life With My Sister Madonna)

QUOTES: "Our father taught us a lot of things, and one of them is to be honorable. I think I've maintained that."

"Godammit, I'm going to write a book. Fuck her."

"She probably thinks of it as a desperate attempt for attention and money. And, ultimately, a betrayal. I think of it as a thesaurus."

Paul Ross

NAME: Paul Ross

SIBLING: Jonathan Ross

CAREER: Journalist / TV personality (50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments, Ad Of The Decade, Best Ever Worst Dance Moments, TV's 50 Hardest Men, Greatest Movie Love Scenes, Celebrity Fit Club, Best Ever Family Films, I Love The 1990s, The 100 Greatest TV Characters, 100 Greatest TV Moments From Hell, The Crazy World Of Joe Pasquale, This Morning)

QUOTE: "What is particularly dispiriting about television at the moment is the way that even stuff that ought to be part of the magical five percent has gone crappy."

Maureen Jackson

NAME: Maureen 'Rebbie' Jackson

SIBLINGS: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, The Jackson 5

CAREER: Singer ('Forever Young' on the Free Willy 2 soundtrack) / Actress (Wonder Woman) / Dancer

QUOTE: "I'm blessed to be surrounded by such talent - I have a lovely family, a great husband, and I'm very happy. A little success on my own terms would make my life complete."

Louise Adams

NAME: Louise Adams

SIBLING: Posh Spice

CAREER: TV presenter (Hot TV on Sky) / Columnist (for Looks magazine) / Fashion designer and retailer (The Closet, Station Road, Cuffley, Herts)

QUOTE: "I appeared in commercials and had an acting agent until I was a teenager... But I got sick of auditions and modelling in magazines and decided to quit. Victoria carried on and went to theatre school. If people think I'm just cashing in on my sister's success, I don't care, because I know it was me that did it first."

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Paul Terry

NAME: Paul Terry

SIBLING: John Terry

CAREER: Footballer (Yeovil Town / Grays Athletic / Rushden & Diamonds / Darlington / Thurrock FC)

TROPHIES: Terry v Terry Shield (Soccer A.M.) - Runner-up 2004-5, 2005-6, 2006-7, 2007-8, 2008-9.

QUOTE: "Obviously it was a great achievement for my brother today for them [Chelsea] to win the league. But for us [Yeovil] as I've said this [avoiding relegation] is massive. It tops winning the league."

"I think John will be a little worried, as he's got six goals now and I've got five and he knows I am coming up behind him and I think he's getting a little worried!"

Neil Connery

NAME: Neil Connery

SIBLING: Sean Connery

CAREER: Plasterer / Actor (Operation Kid Brother (aka OK Connery), Mad Mission 3, Taggart)

QUOTE: "I don't want to be my brother's imposter. We look alike, especially when he doesn't wear his toupée - neither of us has much hair - but I really have a personality of my own."

Prince Edward

NAME: Prince Edward

SIBLING: Prince Charles

CAREER: Officer cadet / TV court jester (It's A Royal Knockout) / Television producer (Edward On Edward, The Prince's Hobby, Forbidden Pleasures) / Prince

QUOTES: "I love the razzmatazz of show business. It's a wonderful world of fantasy and make-believe."

"They hate anyone who succeeds."

Monday, 28 November 2011

Charlie Murphy

NAME: Charlie Murphy

SIBLING: Eddie Murphy

CAREER: Stand-up comic / Boiler technician / Actor (Harlem NightsNorbit, Tower Heist, Beef IV)

QUOTE: "I don't get into a joke contest with hecklers. They're assholes, you know - somebody that came out and spent the same amount of money as everyone else, and you're gonna ruin the show because of your own personal shit. You're an asshole."

Donal Gibson

NAME: Donal Gibson

SIBLING: Mel Gibson

CAREER: Industrial painter / Actor (Braveheart; Conspiracy Theory; Maverick)

QUOTES: "I'm just a guy who turns up for an audition and tries to get a part. That's the way I look at it."

"I stand or fall all by myself, so that's all there is to it. I'm only as good as I am, not as good as he is - you know what I mean? That's all there is to it."

Sophie Thompson

NAME: Sophie Thompson

SIBLING: Emma Thompson

CAREER: Actress (Four Weddings & A FuneralMorris: A Life With Bells OnEastEnders)

QUOTE: "I did an episode of Casualty, and a stint on Doctors, but they wouldn't have me on The Bill."

Jonathan Firth

NAME: Jonathan Firth

SIBLING: Colin Firth

CAREER: Actor (butler / caretaker - The Prince and Me 2 (2006); butler / caretaker - The Prince and Me 3 (2008); butler / caretaker - The Prince and Me 4 (2010))

QUOTE: "I like acting and I want to be appreciated for it. But what I do is a job and it isn't rocket science. If you bear that in mind, then you probably avoid 90% of the pitfalls of fame."

Lauren Booth

NAME: Lauren Booth

SIBLING: Cherie Blair

CAREER: Journalist / Activist / I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! contestant

QUOTES: "I've been smoking cannabis since I was fourteen, and it hasn't done me any harm."

"Yo, Blair! Time to go!"

"I'm slightly worried about burping - I've got all windy recently."

Andy Yorke

NAME: Andy Yorke

SIBLING: Thom Yorke

CAREER: Russian translator / Singer-guitarist with The Unbelievable Truth / Solo performer (Simple, Chocolate Lab Records)

QUOTE: "Thom being in a band was a bit of a problem, but it was all right at first because we didn't really have any aspirations... Partly I was lacking in self-confidence and partly I was having difficulties thinking of myself as a pop star."

"The only reason why we haven't all gone insane, killed ourselves or killed each other is that we feel we have made something of lasting value which deserves to be heard."

Leon Hendrix

NAME: Leon Hendrix

SIBLING: Jimi Hendrix

CAREER: Commercial artist / Delivery driver / Singer-guitarist with The Leon Hendrix Experience (Voodoo River, Hey Jimi, Keeper of the Flame).

QUOTE: 'Leon has long been interested in creating his own music and has intentionally kept a low profile, not wanting to invite comparisons to his brother's incomparable talents. He now believes that the world will judge his work on its own merits and looks forward to sharing his unique sound with audiences worldwide' - official Myspace page

"Jimi played me Purple Haze, and I told him it was the stupidest song I'd ever heard."

"My dad always put me in foster homes like two blocks away, because he loved me."

Nick Moss

NAME: Nick Moss

SIBLING: Kate Moss

CAREER: Model / mobile phone call-centre operative

QUOTES: "I'd never be doing this without Kate."

"I'm going to college, but I wouldn't mind carrying on modelling. I don't know if I could do it full-time, though. I don't know if I'd last, so I might as well get an education."

Frank Stallone

NAME: Frank Stallone

SIBLING: Sylvester Stallone

CAREER: Actor (W.A.R. - Women Against Rape, with Don Swayze; Legend of the Roller Blade Seven, with Joe Estevez) / singer-songwriter (Let Me Be Frank With You) / wrestler (Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling)

QUOTE: "Europe is something I never really got a big chance at, but when I did go over it was to push the CD and sing with tracks, not with a live band. I would like the people to really see me sing live and play guitar."

Friday, 25 November 2011

Don Swayze

NAME: Don Swayze

SIBLING: Patrick Swayze

CAREER: Actor (Beach Babes From Beyond with Joe Estevez and Joey TravoltaW.A.R - Women Against Rape with Frank Stallone, Trapper County War, Forced To Kill, Knuckle Sandwich, Payback, The Other Man)

QUOTE: "Precedence. Merely precedence" (from Payback, 1991)

Roger Clinton

NAME: Roger Clinton

SIBLING: Bill Clinton

CAREER: Actor (Pumpkinhead II: Blood WingsFred Claus) / Singer (Nothing Good Comes Easy) / Cocaine dealer

QUOTE: "I used to be really, really angry with my brother. I didn't want to become First Brother, especially for the rest of my life. I couldn't control that, I couldn't control being brother of the President of the United States - but I could control being Bill Clinton's brother. And I made the decision, even though I could have brought the House down, that for the love of my brother and for the love of my family name, I was going to do whatever it took, because I loved my brother, and I was always going to be there for my brother, and I have been."

"I was not legally drunk and driving. I had about two beers."

Paul Gallagher

NAME: Paul Gallagher

SIBLINGS: Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher

CAREER: Pub DJ / Author of Brothers - From Childhood To Oasis, The Real Story (with Terry Christian)

QUOTES: "I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore, not that I ever did."

"Are we close? We live within 5 miles of each other. That's not bad."

"Them doughy blue eyes everyone keeps going on about. To me, they're just eyes, know what I mean? Mine are bluer."

"I have a concept for a novel or a screenplay about the Irish coming to England in the late 40s and early 50s, set in a fictional Northern town, with a mad love affair."