Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Doug Pitt

NAME: Doug Pitt

SIBLING: Brad Pitt

CAREER: Actor (Virgin Mobile campaign, Australia) / Philanthropist (Care To Learn, The Jolie-Pitt Foundation) / Owner, ServiceWorld Computer Center (Springfield, Missouri)

AWARDS: Rotary Club Awards Gala 2011

QUOTES: "I can't cry too much about Brad's success because there's so much fun and good that comes with it. We've gotten to go and see things and meet people and do stuff we'd never get to do. And that part is great."

"I've been mistaken for Brad three times a week for the last twenty-something years."

Monday, 19 March 2012

James Haven

 NAME: James Haven

SIBLING: Angelina Jolie

CAREER: Actor (Hell's Kitchen with Angelina Jolie, Gia with Angelina Jolie, Original Sin with Angelina Jolie, Monster's Ball with Billy Bob Thornton) / Philanthropist (Board Member, Artivist)

QUOTES: "Because I'm so close to Angie it's like I already have the perfect woman in my life, and it's hard for anyone else to live up to that."

"I did not give Angie a french kiss, it was something simple and lovely."

"Movies can make a difference. They draw emotions out of us, change our minds - and not just documentaries. I've seen Transformers seven times. I cry every time."

"One of the saddest things in my life happened when I was 16. I did not have a car in High School and neither did Angelina. Try to imagine - you go to Beverly Hills High, one of the wealthiest schools in the nation. Even the cheapest car that anyone has is brand new. I have a movie-star father and no car. It was debilitating. I did not go to the prom."

Friday, 2 March 2012

Sophie Price

NAME: Sophie Price

SIBLING: Katie Price

CAREER: Glamour model (Zoo) / Columnist (Bliss) / Reality TV (Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter) / Adult TV (Television X).

QUOTES: "I want to be as big as Jordan, but not in the boobs department! I wouldn't ever go that massive like Kate. I'd just like to go a bit bigger, maybe one size to a C-cup."

[on her new 32E breasts] "I just wanted them done. It wasn't for confidence or anything like that because I was confident in myself before. I just thought I'd go for it."

"I won't be going topless just yet because it won't leave me anywhere to go as a model - and that's important to me."

"Kate's going to absolutely love the pictures, especially this one of me in the knee-high boots."

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Timothy Britten Parker

NAME: Timothy Britten Parker

SIBLING: Sarah Jessica Parker

CAREER: Actor (Film: Joey Breaker, Gold Coast / TV: Law & Order, New York Undercover / Stage: Rent, Wicked) / Entrepreneur (Naked Angels theatre company, with Pippin Parker) / Club singer

QUOTE: "It's interesting to some, maybe, but I don't think of myself as a goat when I play Dr Dillamond [in Wicked]. I think of him as just a teacher. The fact that he's a goat is really not all that important to me."

'Behind Timothy's rich, sophisticated style is a solid work ethic. He is available for club dates, benefits, parties and other private events. Whether at the Carlyle or a corporate event, he performs at the highest level.' [Official website]