Friday, 11 January 2013

Jerome Garfunkel

NAME: Jerome Garfunkel

SIBLING: Art Garfunkel

CAREER: Actor / Travelling salesman / Motorcyclist / Teacher / Programmer / Calligrapher / Writer (Collected Garfunkel COBOL Papers, My Dreams Are In COBOL, VideoConferencing (IVC) Considerations,
COBOL: Still Relevant After All These Years)

QUOTE: "While each of us is an individual on the plannet (sic), we are also part of a community that is bigger than us.  There is an interdependency, incredibly complex, involving everyone and everything on the plannet (sic), in the universe, every part of humanity."

"My 7th grade typing class at Parson's Junior High School turns out, in retrospect, to be among the five most valuable classes (measured by impact) I've attended."

Eddie Simon

NAME: Eddie Simon

SIBLING: Paul Simon

CAREER: Musician (solo / Guild Light Cage / Crib & Ben) / A&R Man (Decca Records) / Guitar teacher (The Guitar Study Center) /  Radio station proprietor (WWHB Long Island, with Paul Simon) / Artist management (Paul Simon)

QUOTES: "I did meet some of these people initially through my brother. But I wouldn't say I got the job because of him."