Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Brandi Cyrus

NAME: Brandi Cyrus

SIBLING: Miley Cyrus

CAREER: Singer (Barely Love You Too - with Frank + Derol); Model (with Rad + Refined); Actress (Old 37 - as 'Angel' / Zoey 101 - as 'Band Member #5', with Jamie Lynn Spears / Hannah Montana, with Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana The Movie - as 'Hoedown Throwdown Dancer', with Miley Cyrus)

QUOTE: "You can't decide the future and I don't have all the answers / First it's all confusing, but the truth is all we're after / All I really know is / I don't know" - from Let It Go

Brennan Thicke

NAME: Brennan Thicke

SIBLING: Robin Thicke

CAREER: Voice actor (Dennis the Menace [cartoon], as Dennis; M.A.S.K. [cartoon], as Scott Tracker); marijuana entrepreneur (Founder, Farmacology / Venice Beach Care Centre).

NOMINATIONS: Young Actor Awards (twice)

QUOTE: "It's the difference between being - I hate to use the term - but a street dealer and being a legitimate business operator."