Sunday, 23 March 2014

Harry Craig

Name: Harry Craig

Sibling: Daniel Craig

Career: Bartender / 'non-mainstream' model

Quotes: "'I look like a tramp... you probably wouldn’t think I’m a model by the looks of it."

"Don’t ask to see my gas masks, though... My parents think I’m a freak, my brother thinks I’m a weirdo, but I love them."

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Rick Crow

NAME: Richard Crow


CAREER: Trader / disc jockey

QUOTES: "The Press always say Bob is loony Left – I think I’m realistic Right."

"I disagree with strikes completely, whoever’s doing it. I think there are better ways to change things."

"I think [Margaret Thatcher] was the greatest Prime Minister we’ve ever had. I was proud to live through a time with her in power. The unions needed to be dealt with, and I think everyone knew that when she came in."