Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Michael Bacon

NAME: Michael Bacon

SIBLING: Kevin Bacon

CAREER: Singer-songwriter (The Bacon Brothers, solo) / Film composer (Loverboy - directed by Kevin Bacon, King Gimp, The Man Nobody Knew) / TV composer (Urban Anxiety Fox, Rescue Mission In Space, Animal ER) / Reality TV star (Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, with Kevin Bacon)

QUOTES: "I'm very lucky to have so much fantastic support from my family."

"Kevin didn't have much choice, as the band was called The Bacon Brothers and he was the only brother I had."

Monday, 28 May 2012

Ryan Slater

NAME: Ryan Slater

SIBLING: Christian Slater

CAREER: Actor (Film: The Amazing Panda Adventure, Home Team, Teresa's Tattoo, The Babysitter / TV: Merry Christmas, George Bailey - with Christian Slater) / Casting assistant (Slater-Brooksbank).

QUOTE:  "I mean, it's called the AMAZING (not great) panda adventure and everybody gets that wrong."

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Robert Lee

NAME: Robert Lee

SIBLING: Bruce Lee

CAREER: Singer (The Ballad Of Bruce Lee, 1974) / actor (The Lady Killer, 1977) / Assistant director (Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave, 1976) / Reality TV star (Famous Families: The Lees, Bruce Lee: Martial Arts Master,  Bruce Lee: The Immortal Dragon) / Author (Lee Siu Loong - Memories of the Dragon Bruce Lee, 2004) / Film producer (Bruce Lee, My Brother, 2010)

QUOTES: "Just being around Bruce influenced me greatly. I learned how to truthfully find my own path and Bruce was a big part of that."

"Bruce did ask me not to make it public that we were brothers, but he was only joking."