Friday, 2 March 2012

Sophie Price

NAME: Sophie Price

SIBLING: Katie Price

CAREER: Glamour model (Zoo) / Columnist (Bliss) / Reality TV (Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter) / Adult TV (Television X).

QUOTES: "I want to be as big as Jordan, but not in the boobs department! I wouldn't ever go that massive like Kate. I'd just like to go a bit bigger, maybe one size to a C-cup."

[on her new 32E breasts] "I just wanted them done. It wasn't for confidence or anything like that because I was confident in myself before. I just thought I'd go for it."

"I won't be going topless just yet because it won't leave me anywhere to go as a model - and that's important to me."

"Kate's going to absolutely love the pictures, especially this one of me in the knee-high boots."

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