Monday, 23 July 2012

Maureen Oldman

NAME: Maureen Oldman (Laila Morse)

SIBLING: Gary Oldman

CAREER: Actress (Eastenders, Big Fat Gypsy Gangster, Honky Sausages, Nil By Mouth - with Gary Oldman) / Reality TV star (Dancing On Ice)

QUOTES: "Before being an actress, I had done a variety of jobs including driving a medical van. Then when my brother offered me the part, I thought I'll give it a go, and I went from there." 

[On Dancing On Ice]: "It's like being in the war - you just have to carry on and think to yourself, 'Come on girl, get down in the trenches and get on with it'."

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  1. What a great opportunity and a nice gift from your brother... Sometimes, all it takes is for someone to just crack the door a bit.