Saturday, 27 October 2012

Paolo Berlusconi

NAME: Paolo Berlusconi

SIBLING: Silvio Berlusconi

CAREER: Media mogul (Il Giornale, Mediaset) / Entrepreneur (Paolo Berlusconi Finanzaria) / Racist / Polygamist / Fraudster

CONVICTIONS: Fraud (€49m), corruption, false invoices

QUOTE: "Anyone who says I'm only working for Mediaset because of Paolo is wide of the mark. I was famous in my own right already."

- Natalia Estrada (showgirl, TV presenter and mistress)

"Let's go and watch the little black boy of the family. All you ladies are invited as well, you can even have a chance to meet the President."

- Paolo Berlusconi (referring to Mario Balotelli and Silvio Berlusconi respectively)

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