Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Aaron Norris

NAME: Aaron Norris

SIBLING: Chuck Norris

CAREER: Actor (Deadly Force, A Force Of One, Lone Wolf McQuade, A Rose For Emily) / Director (Top Dog, Delta Force 2, Missing In Action 3; Sidekicks with Beau Bridges) / Stunt double (Good Guys Wear Black) / Martial artist (Chun Kuk Do) / Regional manager (Chuck Norris Studios) / Executive Producer (Walker: Texas Ranger) / Texas ranger (honorary)

QUOTES: "When Chuck came back from overseas after serving in the air force, he didn't have anyone to beat on, so he picked on his little brother."

"I was a pretty notorious streetfighter back in my younger days, but when I came out of the army, a lot of people doubted I could fight. They'd say, 'Well, you're not as tough as your brother.' They'd compare me to Chuck and wonder if I could fight as well as he did."

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