Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Danielle Brown

NAME: Danielle Brown

SIBLING: Scary Spice

CAREER: Model / Dancer / Actress (Emmerdale) / Children's TV presenter
/ Entrepreneur (The Shed Café)

QUOTES: "I don't think she even knew I was pregnant. I don't even know if she's aware I had a baby... I don't have her number, I don't know where she lives - I wouldn't know how to get in touch with her. I follow her on Twitter to make sure she's okay."

"I never would sell a story or get paid to talk about her. I don't need to make a drama about my sister to get publicity."

"@OfficialMelB I have to tweet you as its all about public image for you. For me it was always about family, that's a wrap. Love you x"

"We've got loads of celebrities coming already. I've never seen so many celebrities in one coffee shop!"

"I don’t normally go to openings but I made an exception as I love coffee. I’m actually opening my own coffee shop later this year with my brother Danny, so I’m a bit gutted Danielle got in first!" - Peter Andre

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