Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Alexis Arquette

NAME: Alexis Arquette

SIBLINGS: Rosanna Arquette, Patricia Arquette, David Arquette

CAREER: Actor / Actress (Threesome with Stephen Baldwin, Children Of The Corn V: Field of Terror, Child's Play 4: Bride of Chucky, Scream Teen Scream, Wasabi Tuna, Sometimes They Come Back... Again, Killer Drag Queens On Dope) / TV talent show judge (Top Design, Bravo) / Music videos (She's A Beauty - The Tubes, She's Madonna - Robbie Williams) / Musician (The Wedding Singer soundtrack) / Cabaret performer / Documentary star (Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother)

QUOTES: "I'd hate to think there was some kind of cachet to my name. People don't recognise me anyway, you'd be surprised."

"My agents - I want to fire them right now, I want to fire them this moment, because all they ever do is send me up for gay roles or drag queen roles."

"I've been doing the horror genre a lot, I'm definitely a fan of splatter."

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