Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Eric Roberts

NAME: Eric Roberts

SIBLING: Julia Roberts

CAREER: Actor (The Expendables, Best of the Best 2, Cecil B. DeMented, Raptor, Fatal Desire, Phat Girlz, First Dog, Sharktopus) / TV (Entourage, VH1 Celebrity Rehab) / Music video star (The Killers, Akon, Mariah Carey)

QUOTES: "She's in a chick flick, I'm in a big action movie. She's a woman, I'm a man. We don't compete for roles. We can't be in competition."

"The Akon video went number one, and I just became the guy to have in your video. There were 14-year old girls saying, “Hi, can I have your autograph?”. It was kind of mind-blowing. It changed my life a little bit."

"You know, every career does this three or four times, if it lasts. That's how it goes. Once you get over the first dip, you're okay."

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  1. And I met another woman in a strip club many years ago who claimed to be the other sister...
    And no, I only tended bar. :)