Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Martin Ferguson

NAME: Martin Ferguson

SIBLING: Sir Alex Ferguson

CAREER: Football manager (Waterford United, East Stirlingshire, Albion Rovers) / Assistant Coach (Hibernian) / International scout (Manchester United).

QUOTES: "People may think my job is something of a jolly, but it can be very demanding. The travelling, all the nonsense of getting through an airport these day that adds hours to your journey."

"One of the executives at Old Trafford called me to say that, although I was flying business class to an assignment at the weekend, I would have to travel economy to another match abroad just a few days later. I really had to set him straight on one or two things."

"It is a good feeling to think that Alex and a club like Manchester United would have such faith in your judgment."


  1. I think this is my favourite one yet.

  2. Good to know your brother trusts you to get on a plane.

    A true business class hero.